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Our attractive MiniStem product line, themed JUST TERRACE, is suitable for terraces and balconies. This product line consists of an assortment of flowering and evergreen MiniStem products, available for various time frames and varying compositions. They are typically used as a terrace plant and a valuable addition to our traditional tub plants/stem assortment.

B&B Plant is a modern company that specialises in growing MiniStem. Choosing a single product profile has enabled us to extensively mechanise, resulting in not only an extremely efficient production process, but also guaranteeing uniformity and high quality standards for our products.

Our production plant consists of 4.5 ha of container fields and 1.5 ha of polyethylene netting, on which we produce circa 350,000 MiniStems annually. We are consistently working to improve the balance between flowering and evergreen varieties in order to offer our customers an attractive and discerning assortment of MiniStems, varying in composition during the sales season.

Photo of Eugene Breukers

Eugéne Breukers

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Roel Breukers



pot c3  •  one year old  •  standard height 50cm

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pot c9  •  two year old  •  standard height 50cm


Product presentation

We actively work on customer communication, which results in distinctive POS presentations for both the professional and building markets. The use of MiniStem products in combination with product perception is what guides us in our decisions on labels, pot covers and POS materials.

Palette presentation professional market

CC presentation building market

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